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Series Finale S03 Ep136

November 8, 2011


We are sad to announce that this will be one of the last, if not last post for Opposite Attract.

However it is for exciting reasons, we can’t give away too much, however be sure to look out for a few projects in the making which may include a visit from LastNightsParty & an exciting series of short films.

It has been a pleasure writing for this site for the past three years, a massive thanks to Ling Ang for her contribution as well.

Finally, we like to end with a few of our favourite mixes, tracks & posts from the past three years.




Most Viewed Post of All Time:

Runner Up:   The Situation

Contains the second instalment to Bowler Bar resident Autopilot ‘The Situaion’ Mixtape Series.

Most Viewed: Manic

Azari & III have dominated 2011 with 3 solid EP’s & a phenomenal album, here we preview their Manic EP & also link Aeroplane’s Mix of the month.


 Favourite Mixtapes:

Kris Baha – #MixofMay2011


Simon TK – Klub Martyr


Not Another DJ – All You Need is Techno


Marco Polo – I Shovelled a Rottweiler 


10 Pin Bowling No.8 with AutoPilot


10 Pin Bowling No.2 with Dom [Mitzi]


Favourite Tracks of 2011









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